Calvinism is a theological word (coming from Calvin), that reflects an attempt to organise and synthesise biblical information concerning the call and the response of man to God, and the overall power of God to protect the ‘called’ who 'believe'. Calvinism is a reliable system that communicates the following:

  1. Total depravity; sin includes for all of humanity, furthermore we are by nature incapable of following God without His divine help. This does not mean every person is fully depraved and evil, as sin is a path.
  2. Unconditional election means that our salvation is unconditionally placed in God's choice from eternity past and not based on individual human merit.
  3. Limited atonement means that it was designed for some but not all of humanity. Jesus The Christ provided atonement for all men but applied only to those who believe. This is called the 'half point’ which diverges slightly from traditional Calvinism.
  4. Irresistible grace: the certainty of salvation for those whom 'God has called'. The Holy Spirit overcomes man's natural resistance to God's call for everyone who receives the call.
  5. Perseverance/preservation of the saints, is the eternal security of the believer and that nothing man can do eclipses God's call.

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