A great learning resource helping believers understand key orthodox Bible themes from a Judeo-Christian perspective.

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www.OnlyGod.co.uk is a great place to strengthen Bible and faith foundations. The site is a useful resource for those wishing to approach Biblical truths in a traditional meaningful manner. 

OnlyGod.co.uk will not satisfy every wind of doctrine, personal or denominational belief, nor is it exhaustive in its reach. Its aim is to present basic Bible teaching at three levels. These chapter pages include Embryo, the absolute essentials, Growth the foundations for what the Bible calls Milk doctrines and then Progressions, a broader collection of topics that introduce what the Bible calls Meat doctrines or 'solid food’. In reality these ‘progression’ pages are in themselves only springboards for deeper study or perhaps conversation starters that might enrich a believers walk with Jesus Christ and community discussion.

Respect must be given to thousands of years work done by tens of thousands of theologians, scholars and linguists who have provided us with Bible translations and commentaries we can trust and rely on. 

The hope of this website is to strengthen links between our own internal ‘Bible understandings’ and firm up Bible basics again in some order of priority. The belief being that with stronger foundations, and foundations in priority order, we will be encouraged to revive, reach and dig deeper into God’s word with a new sense of vitality and faith. Finally, the Bible study tools on the resource page are a great way of expanding our understanding of Bible truths further. We can do this by exploring a range of translations, commentaries and even make connections with the Bible in its original languages.


It is difficult to ignore Jesus Christ, a man, a human sacrifice, a Jew and one who claimed to be God and the only way to the Father.

Disclaimer: There are many different ways of interpreting the scriptures outside an orthodox lens. Some of these explanations emerge from a social, economic, political or diversity perspective. Naturally there will be content within this website that conflicts with many areas of belief and affection for some people. With good reason we all appreciate that any belief, philosophy or knowledge base has a 'frame of reference’. Biblical studies has the Bible foremost as its source, this is its 'frame of reference'. Readers hoping to ‘square a circle’ will naturally find other resources that better fit their own desires or interests. Simply this, we cannot expect to make the Bible which is already written in antiquity fit beliefs and lifestyles that fall outside of the Biblical frame today in the 21st Century. This website is for those interested in re-framing their lives within a traditional Biblical model, one that includes fascinating topics like: knowing the Holy Spirit, love, hope, faith, healing and overpowering the carnal nature which wars against our conscience.

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